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Animals use camauflage to?
a) To hide from predators.
b) To Look cool.
c) They don't do it on purpose.
d) Stand out and be noticed.

Dogs are example of?
a) Human caused selection
b) Natural Selection
c) Cloning
d) Asexual Reprodution

Why would a Polar Bear not survive in the Jungle?
a) It's lack of Camouflage would make it stick out.
b) They need ice to survive.
c) It is too far to swim for their food source.
d) They can only live in high altitudes.

Sexual Reproduction has how many parents?
a) Two
b) One
c) Three
d) None

What is the result if a dairy farmer breeds cows that produce the most milk?
a) Their offspring will produce more milk.
b) Their offspring won't produce more milk.
c) Their offspring will produce a new flavor of milk.
d) Their offspring will produce chocolate milk.

A white colored rabbit will have a better chance of survival if?
a) They live in a place that gets lots of snow.
b) If they live underground.
c) It can use its color to hop higher.
d) If it lives in the jungle.

Who would most directly benefit from genetic research?
a) Dairy Farmers
b) Miners
c) Gas Companies
d) Teachers

Leaf Insects have a better chance of survival because?
a) Predators cannot see them.
b) They can fly faster then regular insects.
c) Their exoskeleton is invisible.
d) They are bad tasting to predators.

When an animal has bright colors it is often to tell predators?
a) They are poisonous, Stay Away!
b) Come and eat me if you can catch me.
c) My camauflage gene is broken
d) Eat me I dare you

Many animals that live in the Arctic are white, what advantage does it give them?
a) White blends in with all the snow.
b) White helps them move quicker on ice.
c) White helps them dive deeper under the ice.
d) White absorbs more heat from the sun.

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