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What is the number 1 common thread of children having reading difficulty
a) nutrition
b) poverty
c) being spoiled
d) great teacher

Why do teachers use screening?
a) to monitor learning progress
b) determining if a student is able to pass to the next grade level
c) to identify at-risk students
d) no clue

Which one is a screening assessment?
a) Dibbles
b) CTOPP-Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing
c) PPVT-Peabody picture Vocab Test
d) All the above

a) Avoidance
b) Difficulty completing assignments
c) poor spelling
d) All the above

What is an example of inadequate instruction?
a) Teacher doesn't take into account the differing learning needs
b) stays after school to help students
c) gets to know students
d) attends all IEP meetings

Reading Instruction must include
a) pictures
b) Phonetic instruction
c) nouns
d) verbs

Who does this affect the most
a) everyone/anyone
b) whites
c) boys
d) girls

Phonetic Awareness refers to
a) math
b) science
c) reading
d) the ability to focus on and manipulate sounds

The systematic approach deals with
a) pictures
b) alphabet
c) sound-spelling relationships of both constonants and vowels
d) none of the above

Nonsystematic programs/ whole language programs center on
a) sight words
b) spelling
c) books on tape
d) above grade level words

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