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In this paragraph, the word VIEW means
a) bat
b) opinion
c) fly
d) eyes

In this paragraph, the word KERNELS means
a) soldiers
b) cobs
c) seeds
d) flavors

In this paragraph, the word ESTABLISHED means
a) cut
b) crowded
c) loved
d) started

In this paragraph, the word PROCLAMATION means
a) secret messages
b) official, public order
c) review of the war
d) loud voice

In this passage, the word INCOMPETENT means
a) genuine
b) poorly skilled
c) independent
d) experienced

In this paragraph, the word NAUTICAL means
a) sea
b) whale
c) shorter
d) probably untrue

In this sentence, the word PROSPERITY means
a) success
b) failure
c) poverty
d) shortage

In this sentence, the word ADVERSITY means
a) opportunity
b) difficulty
c) chance
d) ease

In this sentence, the word SPORADICALLY means
a) often
b) frequently
c) now and then
d) never

In this sentence, the word VALIANT means
a) united
b) brave
c) nice
d) stupid

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