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What is the rootlike anchoring structure of mosses called?
a) rhizoid
b) rhizome
c) taproot
d) fibrous root

What is a fern leaf called?
a) frond
b) leaflet
c) blade
d) palmate

Which of these is an example of nonvascular plants?
a) hornwort
b) pine trees
c) horsetail
d) roses

Which seed plant group has seeds which are not completely covered?
a) gymnosperms
b) angiosperms
c) nonvascular
d) ferns

In which plant group do we find true mosses?
a) bryophytes
b) herbaceous
c) flowering
d) fern

What do we call an immature fern leaf which is also known as a fiddlehead?
a) crosier
b) cute
c) leaflet
d) blade

What plant organs are attached at the nodes?
a) leaves
b) stems
c) roots
d) flowers

Ferns require _________________ for reproduction.
a) water
b) chlorophyll
c) soil
d) sunlight

What do you call the root system which has one main root?
a) taproot system
b) fibrous root system
c) lateral root system
d) herbaceous root system

What do we call the structure which attaches the leaf blade to the node?
a) petiole
b) stem
c) bark
d) glue

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