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What plant family produces fruit?
a) angiosperms
b) nonvascular plants
c) gymnosperms
d) ferns

What is the plant tissue that carries water from the roots to the leaves?
a) phloem
b) xylem
c) bark
d) leaves

What do we call the leaf arrangement where two leaves are attached to a node?
a) opposite
b) alternate
c) whorled
d) compound

What is a compound of cell wals?
a) cellulose
b) bark
c) xylem
d) phloem

What tissue conducts sugar solutions in the plant?
a) phloem
b) stem
c) xylem
d) bark

What do you call the region on a stem where a leaf is or was attached?
a) node
b) stem
c) flower
d) root

Name the two main group of seed plants.
a) angiosperms and gymnosperms
b) trees and shrubs
c) horsetail and hornwort
d) ferns and mosses

The root system that consists of many nearly equal-sized roots are
a) fibrous root system
b) lateral root system
c) woody root system
d) taproot system

Vascular bundles are an arrangement of what?
a) xylem and phloem
b) roots and stems
c) fruit and leaves
d) cuticle and epidermis

Which of the following is an example of a gymnosperm?
a) pine tree
b) apple tree
c) moss
d) fern

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