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Animal cells do not have these organelles.
a) Chloroplasts
b) Nucleus
c) Vacuole
d) Mitochondria

Water passes through the membrane by this process.
a) Osmosis
b) Active Transport
c) Photosynthesis
d) Gravity

What cell structure lets things go in and out of a cell?
a) Cell Membrane
b) Vacuole
c) Cytoplasm
d) Chloroplast

What does the Chloroplast in a plant cell do?
a) Converts energy from the sun into a sugar.
b) Controls the cell
c) Uses engergy to make protiens.
d) Digests food

Movement of particles from a higher consentration to equilibrium describes what process?
a) Diffusion
b) Differentosis
c) Osmotictransportation
d) Protien Synthesis

Found in Plant and Fungi Cells, but not in Animal Cells.
a) Cell Wall
b) Cell Membrane
c) Nucleus
d) Ribosome

To look at most cells, what scientific tool would you use?
a) Microscope
b) Telescope
c) Triple Beam Balance
d) Graduated Cylinder

This part of a Plant cell makes it possible for them to grow over 300 feet tall.
a) Cell Wall
b) Chloroplast
c) Xylem
d) Phloem

Not having a cell wall makes it possible for animal cells to?
a) Move
b) Defend themselves
c) Grow Tall
d) Hold in water

The chloroplast takes in CO2 and Water and gives out?
a) O2 and Glucose
b) Water and Sugar
c) Sunlight and Water
d) CO2 and O2

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