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What is the technique of giving clues to coming events in a story?
a) Foreshadowing
b) Assumption
c) Flashback
d) Plot

What is the resolution of a story?
a) The solution to the problem or conflict.
b) The people who are part of the story.
c) The message the author is trying to convey.
d) Where the story takes place.

What is an Idea or statement that is accepted as true without proof?
a) Assumption/assume
b) Main idea
c) Summarize
d) Plot

What is the topic of a story?
a) What the story is about.
b) Where the story takes place.
c) The message the author is trying to convey.
d) The problems or conflict the characters face.

What is the message or moral of a story the author wants the reader to understand?
a) Theme
b) Analyze
c) Forshadowing
d) Resolution

What is the conflict of a story?
a) The problem the character faces.
b) How the problem is solved.
c) The events that take place.
d) The message of the story.

What term means where the story takes place?
a) Setting
b) Characters
c) Opinion
d) Conflict

How a person thinks or feels about a particular subject.
a) Opinion
b) Compare
c) Imagery
d) Contrast

What is the plot of a story?
a) The sequence of events or actions in a short story, novel, or play.
b) What the characters say to each other.
c) Where the story takes place.
d) The problem in a story.

What is tone?
a) The writer or speaker\'s attitude toward the subject, character, or audience.
b) The events that take place in a story.
c) The point in a story where the action turns and the climax begins.
d) The color of a picture.

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