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A satellite is _____________________
a) objects that fall to the Earth
b) the Earth's twin brother
c) an object that revolves around another object
d) objects fly up and down

It takes the moon ___________ to revolve around the Earth.
a) 1 day
b) 29 and 1/2 days
c) 365 days
d) 1 hour

We only see one side of the moon because ______________________
a) it only wants to show its better side.
b) it rotates at the same rate as it revolves.
c) it only has one side.
d) it rotates really fast.

We can see the moon because ______________________.
a) it reflects the light from the sun.
b) it has really strong light rays.
c) it reflects light from the Earth
d) it doesn't reflect any light.

In a solar eclipse _____________________
a) the moon's light is blocked by the Earth.
b) the Earth's light is blocked by the sun
c) the moon's light is blocked by the sun
d) the sun's light is blocked by the moon

In a lunar eclipse _____________________
a) the Earth blocks the sun's light from hitting the moon.
b) the sun's light is blocked by the moon.
c) the moon's light is blocked by the Earth.
d) the moon is very happy.

The Earth has _________ moon(s)
a) many
b) 3
c) 2
d) 1

The solar system includes ___________________
a) the sun, Earth, and the moon
b) the sun, all the planets, their moons, and any other objects that orbit the planets
c) all the planets, but not the moons
d) all the planets and moons but not the sun

All the planets _________________
a) have life on them
b) orbit the sun.
c) are bigger than the sun
d) are very warm

The largest planet is ___________________
a) Jupiter
b) the moon
c) Earth
d) Mercury

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