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When was Josef Mengele born?
a) August 7, 1912
b) October 14,1911
c) March 21, 1910
d) March 16, 1911

Where did Heinrich Himmler die?
a) San Diego, California
b) Stalingrad, Russia
c) Luneberg, Lower Saxony, Germany
d) London, England

When was Adolf Hitler born?
a) April 20, 1889
b) November 17, 1891
c) September 11, 1890
d) April 12, 1896

When did Adolf Hitler commit suicide?
a) April 30, 1945
b) May 5, 1945
c) December 25, 1945
d) February 14, 1944

Where did Josef Mengele die?
a) Tokyo, Japan
b) Beritoga, Brazil
c) Madrid, Spain
d) Buenos Aires, Argentina

What awards did Josef Mengele recieve?
a) Medal for taking care of German people
b) Iron Cross first class
c) Black Badge for the wounded
d) All of the above

Where was Heinrich Himmler born?
a) Munich, Bravaria, Germany
b) Paris, France
c) London, England
d) Stalingrad, Russia

When was the peace treaties signed?
a) February 2, 1945
b) February 10, 1945
c) January 5, 1944
d) April 3, 1946

What type of work did Dr. Mengele do?
a) He did experiments and made selections of murder
b) He worked with nuclear chemicals
c) Worked with animals
d) All of the above

Who are Hitler's parents?
a) Homer and Marge Hitler
b) Peter and Lois Hitler
c) Beavis and Butthead
d) Klara and Alois Hitler

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