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The setting of a story contains what elements?
a) protagonist and antagonist
b) table of contents
c) time and place
d) problem and solution

The protagonist of the story is
a) the main character.
b) the character that is against the main character.
c) the same as the antagonist.
d) a supporting character.

Books are classifed according to
a) hard or soft cover.
b) author.
c) number of pages.
d) genre.

The resolution of a story occurs
a) at the beginning of the story.
b) in the table of contents.
c) at the end of the story.
d) in the middle of the story.

Rising action occurs
a) before the climax of the story.
b) throughout the entire story.
c) in the resolution of the story.
d) after the climax of the story.

Stories that contain facts and real events are part of what genre?
a) fiction
b) realistic fiction
c) fantasy
d) nonfiction

In what are of the library would you find a book about the life of Mohandas Gandhi?
a) Picture books
b) Atlases and dictionaries
c) Biographies
d) Realistic fiction

How are books usually filed in the library?
a) Alphabetically by the author\'s last name
b) Alphabetically by publisher name
c) Alphabetically by book title
d) Alphabetically by the author\'s first name

How would you know if a story should be classified as a myth?
a) It contains real people.
b) It contains gods and goddesses.
c) It contains a moral.
d) It contains grossly exaggerated sections.

Which of the following would you find in the library\'s reference section?
a) The Life and Times of Captain Jean-Luc Picard
b) A world atlas
c) Cinderella
d) A social studies textbook

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