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Which statement about magnetism is correct?
a) A magnet's force is greatest at its poles.
b) The smaller a magnet, the greater its force.
c) Magnets attract all types of metal.
d) The S pole of a magnet always points north.

You hold the south poles of two magnets near each other. The poles will
a) spin clockwise
b) spin counterclockwise
c) attrack each other
d) repel each other

If you connect too many appliances to one circuit, the wires can
a) blow up
b) generate more power and heat
c) overheat and cause a fire
d) give you a shock if you touch them

When you turn off one lamp, all the lights in the room go off. The electric appliance must be connected to
a) a series circuit
b) a parallel circuit
c) a generator
d) an electromagnet

When two objects have different electric charges, they
a) pull toward each other
b) gain energy
c) lose matter
d) push away from each other

Electric current is the flow of
a) positive charges through matter
b) negative charges through matter
c) magnetism through matter
d) energy and light through matter

Electric wire is coated with plastic or rubber because these materials
a) melt very slow
b) conduct the flow of electricity
c) are inexpensive and easy to make
d) are good resistors

Electric current passes easily through a
a) resistor
b) conductor
c) insulator
d) switch

Every time you turn on a light, you
a) open a closed circuit
b) close an open circuit
c) add a source of power to a circuit
d) remove a source of power from a circuit

Most electric generators make electricity using
a) nuclear energy or coal
b) a magnet and an energy source
c) wind or rushing water
d) a compass and a parallel circuit

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