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Which statement describes the process of glacial erosion?
a) Large glaciers melt forming large rivers that erode the rock.
b) Large waves hit the coastline breaking down the landforms that are closest to the water.
c) Weathered rock particles are trapped in the base of large blocks of ice scrape along the surface
d) Strong winds carry rock particles that weather larger rocks and carry sediments to a different place

Which is a property of soil?
a) the ability to grow and develop
b) ability to decompose rocks
c) ability to nourish animals
d) ability to retain water

Which could be the result of the weathering process?
a) smaller rock particles
b) thunder and lightning
c) big amounts of ice and snow
d) larger and more massive landforms

Which process forms landforms such as valleys and canyons?
a) wind deposition
b) photosynthesis
c) decomposition
d) water erosion

Which statement describes the process of deposition?
a) Rock particles carried by flowing water settle forming new landforms.
b) Rocks are broken down when they are hit by other rock particles.
c) Rock particles mix with animal and plant remains and become soil.
d) Rock particles are moved by the action of water, ice or wind.

What is formed by the deposition of rock particles carried by the wind?
a) valley
b) mountain
c) sand dune
d) glacial moraine

Scientists recorded the size of desert landforms over a long period of time. The landforms were regularly scratched and scraped by small rock particles. Which process is this?
a) decomposition
b) glacial erosion
c) wind erosion
d) deposition

In which sample might students find rock particles?
a) Humus
b) sand
c) seeds
d) twigs

Which object is made from a nonrenewable resource?
a) metal coin
b) corn cereal
c) orange juice
d) wooden pencil

Which natural resources is nonrenewable?
a) aluminum
b) flowers
c) honey
d) wood

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