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Which example describes an organism taking in nutrients?
a) a dog burying a bone
b) a girl eating an apple
c) an insect crawling on a leaf
d) a boy planting tomatoes in a garden

Which characteristic is inherited rather than learned?
a) telling a story
b) saluting the flag
c) having blue eyes
d) riding a bicycle

What is the main function of scales on a fish?
a) to protect the fish
b) to attract predators
c) to help the fish find food
d) to help the fill breathe

Which behavior is an example of an animal adapting to a change in its environment?
a) a squirrel climbing a tree
b) a rabbit feeding its young
c) a frog eating an insect
d) a bird migrating south

Which organisms in any food chain are needed for all the other organisms to survive?
a) caterpillars
b) frogs
c) plants
d) snakes

Which of the following organisms are considered predators?
a) plants and caterpillars
b) plants and frogs
c) frogs and snakes
d) snakes and plants

If snakes eat frogs in a food chain, what would most likely happen to the frogs if the snake population increases?
a) frog population will decrease
b) frog population will increase
c) frog population will remain the same
d) frog population will start eating snakes.

Animals get energy for growth and repair from
a) soil
b) food
c) water
d) air

A dog opens its mouth and lets its tongue hang out. A human's body produces sweat. These are 2 ways that organisms may adjust to
a) cold temperatures
b) hot temperatures
c) a shortage of food
d) a shortage of drinking water

During which season of the year would a rabbit's fur be thickest?
a) fall
b) spring
c) summer
d) winter

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