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2.There are 163 fluid ounces of gas in the fuel tank of Matt’s motorcycle. He refill to full. If the tank holds a maximum of 4 gallons of gas, how many fl oz of gas will he add?
a) A 159 fl oz
b) B 349 fl oz
c) C 289 fl oz
d) D 451 fl oz

4. The table shows the type and weight of the vehicles in a driveway. Car 2700lb Truck 4500lb SUV 4100lb Van 3600 What is the total weight of the vehicles in the driveway?
a) A 14 tons 900 pounds
b) B 8 tons 400 pounds
c) C 7 tons 900 pounds
d) D 6 tons 700 pounds

6. Margot drank 9 cups of water while hiking in Big Bend National Park. How many fluid ounces of water did she drink?
a) A 18 fl oz
b) B 63 fl oz
c) C 19 fl oz
d) D 72 fl oz

10.A mineralogist wants to collect 3 grams of calcite dust. The mineralogist has collected 1475 mg of the dust needed. How much more dust does the he need to collect?
a) A 1125 mg
b) B 2475 mg
c) C 1525 mg
d) D 525 mg

8. The average height of the corn plants is 2 meters. If the average height of the corn plants is 93 centimeters, how much taller does the corn need to grow before it is harvested
a) A 107 cm
b) B 197 cm
c) C 1907 cm 3
d) D 7 cm

11. Syd mixed 7.5 gallons of water with the mortar mix to hold the bricks together. How many cups are equivalent to 7.5 gallons?
a) A 15 c
b) B 112 c
c) C 120 c
d) D 128 c

12. Ester bought a rope that was 496.5 meters long. How many centimeters long was this rope?
a) A 4.965 cm
b) B 49.65 cm
c) C 49,650 cm
d) D 496,500 cm

1. What is the measure of ∠BEC? (look ate the picture)
a) A 140
b) B 80
c) C 100
d) D 60

3. What is the measure of ∠HJK in the triangle shown below? (look at the picture)
a) A 32
b) B 148
c) C 48
d) D 152

7. What is the measure of VZY? (look at the picture)
a) A 90
b) B 70
c) C 160
d) D 110

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