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What is the dark sticky substance produced when tobacco burns?
a) mucus
b) tar
c) cilia
d) hydrochloric acid

What is a dangerous, colorless, and odorless gas produced by cigarettes?
a) oxygen
b) hydrogen
c) carbon dioxide
d) carbon monoxide

What disease is characterized by an irritation of the breathing passages?
a) bronchitis
b) atherosclerosis
c) nicotine
d) addiction

What drug in cigarettes speeds up the activities of the nervous system and heart?
a) alcohol
b) carbon monoxide
c) nicotine
d) tar

Which disease destroys lung tissue?
a) bronchitis
b) emphysema
c) asthma
d) atherosclerosis

A physical dependence on a substance is known as....
a) independence
b) abuse
c) relapse
d) addiction

Which of the following is not a harmful substance in tobacco smoke?
a) carbon monoxide
b) tar
c) nicotine
d) oxygen

Tar causes ___________ to clump together.
a) villi
b) cilia
c) bronchi
d) alveoli

Which of the following is not a reason someone starts to smoke?
a) peer pressure
b) To be cool or fit in
c) Stress and anxiety
d) Bad advertising

True or False: When you quit smoking, you can begin to heal some of the damage immediately.
a) True
b) False

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