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Which of the following characteristics would you expect to find in a myth?
a) a moral
b) personified animals
c) gods and goddesses
d) gross exaggerations

Prometheus stated that Zeus kept mankind "ignorant." What was Zeus' rationale for this?
a) If mankind was ignorant, they would remain happy.
b) If mankind was ignorant, they would never seek to be like the gods.
c) If mankind was ignorant, they would continue to serve the gods as slaves.
d) If mankind was ignorant, they would always worship the Greek gods and goddesses.

In "Prometheus" and "Phaethon," what led to the downfall of the protagonists?
a) desire to be a god
b) hatred for mankind
c) poisoning by a jealous goddess
d) failure to heed the god's warning

What natural phenomenon did Phaethon create?
a) the desertification of Libya
b) the drought of Asia Minor
c) the flooding of the world
d) the first Ice Age

The king of the Olympic gods is present in both "Prometheus" and "Phaethon." Who is this Greek god?
a) Apollo
b) Zeus
c) Hercules
d) Clymene

In "Phaethon," the title character rides past "the hostile Bull," "the raging Lion," and "the Scorpion's cruel pincers." What are these?
a) guardians of Apollo's chariot
b) constellations in the heavens
c) mythical creatures roaming Olympus
d) animals in Zeus' zoo

What did Prometheus do that convinced man that fire was a good thing?
a) He used the fire to warm a home.
b) He used the fire to give light throughout the night.
c) He used the fire to cook meat.
d) He used the fire to clear brush near the villages.

What terrible fate befell Prometheus after he gave the gift of fire to mankind?
a) He was chained to a large rock forever where hot flames burned his skin.
b) He was chained to a mountain forever where birds eat his liver.
c) He was cast out of Olympus and became mortal.
d) He was killed by Zeus' thunderbolt.

Which Greek god was the father of Phaethon?
a) Apollo
b) Zeus
c) Prometheus
d) Hercules

Greek gods are considered immortal. This means
a) they live for several hundred years before dying.
b) they have supernatural powers.
c) they live forever.
d) they are part human and part god.

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