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What are the microscopic hairlike structures that help move mucus out of the lungs?
a) cilia
b) spiracles
c) gills
d) fuzzies

What is the tube that leads to the lungs from the throat?
a) epiglottis
b) esophagus
c) spiracles
d) trachea

What are the main branches of the respiratory tract leading to the lungs?
a) mucus
b) bronchi
c) diaphragm
d) larynx

What are the tiny air sacs at which gas exchange takes place?
a) spiracles
b) cilia
c) alveoli
d) ravioli

A sticky substance produced by the nose to moisten the inhaled air.
a) gel
b) mucus
c) cilia
d) bronchus

What is the part of the throat that contains the voice box or vocal cords?
a) larynx
b) syrinx
c) alveoli
d) bronchi

What is the muscle on the underside of the lungs?
a) bronchi
b) alveoli
c) larynx
d) diaphragm

Which is not a function of the respiratory system?
a) Take in food
b) Take in Oxygen
c) Breathe out Carbon Dioxide

Where is Carbon dioxide exchanged for Oxygen?
a) In the nose
b) In the epiglottis
c) In the alveoli
d) In the diaphragm

What organ is also known as your windpipe?
a) pharynx
b) larynx
c) esophagus
d) trachea

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