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Which statement is best supported by fossil evidence?
a) The types of animals on Earth have changed over time.
b) Natural disaster have sometimes destroyed all life on Earth.
c) The environment has remained the same over time.
d) Human activities have been the main cause of all extinctions.

Which of the following is something you do NOT need to stay alive
a) air
b) shoes
c) vitamins and minerals
d) water

When students drink milk, they become part of a food chain. What is the original energy source of the food chain that includes the students and the milk?
a) Soil
b) Sunlight
c) Grass
d) Cows

Plants------> Mice--------> Rattlesnakes If all the mice were removed from this simple food chain, the rattlesnakes would most likely--
a) begin to starve
b) start eating plants
c) become producers
d) increase in number

All of the following are examples of adaptations except--
a) Eagles having sharp beaks to tear apart small animals.
b) Rosebushes have thorns that help protect them from plant-eating animals.
c) Lizards having scaly skin that prevents water loss.
d) A person putting on a sweater to stay warm.

Which of the following is NOT an inherited or instinctive behavior?
a) a spider spinning a web
b) a person driving
c) a lizard laying in the sun to stay warm
d) birds migrating south for the winter

Which of the following will most likely happen if an organism isn't adapted to its habitat?
a) The organism will go on to produce many offspring.
b) The organism will become the leader of his pack.
c) The organism could become extinct.
d) The organism will have a good chance of surviving.

Which of the following would be considered a decomposer
a) Fungus
b) Vultures
c) Lion
d) Tree

Which of the following would be considered a herbivore?
a) Fox
b) Rabbit
c) Maple tree
d) Bacteria

Which of the following would be considered a consumer?
a) Salt grass
b) Cactus
c) Grasshopper
d) Maple Tree

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