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Which of the following traits may be inherited?
a) the kind of food you like to eat
b) the language you speak
c) how tall or short you are
d) what kind of manners you have

Some traits are inherited and some are learned. Which of the following traits are learned?
a) the ability to roll your tongue
b) the color of your natural hair
c) how tall or short you are
d) how well organized you are

Which adaptive characteristic allows the sea turtle to live in the ocean and the tortoise to live on land?
a) the size of their shell
b) the shape of their feet
c) their slow movements
d) the food they eat

Which of the following adaptive characteristics best allow polar bears and penguins to live in the cold artic regions of the world
a) their ability to swim
b) their ability to fish
c) their body coverings
d) their color

What helps cactus survive in the desert?
a) a waxy covering that keeps water from leaving
b) a waxy covering that protects its spines
c) the leaves of the cactus
d) the flowers of a cactus

Which of the following habitats would you observe crabs, sea stars and sea urchins?
a) sandy beaches
b) ponds
c) tide pools
d) rivers

Monkeys in Africa build shelters made of branches high up in trees. Why do you think they byuild shelters in trees instead of the ground?
a) It is easier for them to obtain food.
b) It protects them from bad weather.
c) It gives them a place to play.
d) It protects them from ground-dwelling predators.

The desert gerbil builds its house underground. Which of the following do you think is the main reason for this?
a) The underground house provides a place to store food.
b) The underground house provides a safe place for its young.
c) The underground house provides a cool place from the desert heat.
d) The underground house keeps predators away.

Birds come in all sizes and colors. Some birds fly and others, like the ostrich, do not fly. Yet birds have many similarities. What are some ways in which ALL birds are similiar?
a) Birds eat the same kinds of food.
b) Birds have beaks, feathers, and two legs.
c) All birds fly away when they are in danger.
d) All birds build their nest in trees.

Why are some animals classified as carnivores?
a) They all have sharp teeth and claws.
b) They are able to run fast.
c) They change color to fool their prey.
d) They like meat and plants.

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