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A student wanted to conduct an experiment to see if the water temperature affects the time it takes for salt to dissolve. Which is the best hypothesis for this experiment?
a) Warm salt will dissolve better than cold salt.
b) Sat will dissolve faster in coffee than in water.
c) Sugar will dissolve faster than salt in cold water.
d) Salt will dissolve faster in hot water than in cold water.

An ivy plant was moved from a sunny location to a corner inside the house with no direct sunligh. The leavse of the plant turned toward the house windows. Which hypothesis is best?
a) Plants have adaptations that allow them to adjust to their environment.
b) Plants will wilt and soon die if not placed in direct sunlight.
c) Plants can not survive outside with too much sunlight.
d) Plants need water to stay healthy and grow tall.

Which measurement should students take in order to investigate whether mass affects the distance a ball rolls down a ramp?
a) measure each ball by hanging them from a spring scale
b) measure each ball placing them on a triple beam balance
c) measure each ball in a graduated cylinder containing 50 ml of water.
d) measure each ball by recording the distance they travel down a ramp.

Which tool is used to measure the mass of a wooden block?
a) metric ruler
b) pan balance
c) spring scale
d) thermometer

What does a spring scale measure?
a) the mass of an object
b) the length of an object
c) the pull of gravity on an object
d) the amount of matter in an object

What unit should be used to record the weight of a paperclip?
a) Liter
b) Newton
c) Celsius
d) Thermometer

In which investigation would students need to use liters as a unit of measurement?
a) the mass of different objects
b) the height of bean plants over time
c) the time it takes another student to run a lap
d) the volume of water needed to fill an aquarium

Which unit is used to measure the volume of a glass of milk?
a) grams
b) Newtons
c) milliliters
d) centimeters

Students will measure and record the height of trees. What unit of measurement will the students use to record their data?
a) centimeters
b) milliliters
c) millimeters
d) meters

Which investigation requires a stopwatch?
a) measuring the height of a tree
b) measuring the temperature of boiling water
c) measuring the time it takes a student to run a lap
d) measuring the distance a marble rolls down a ramp

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