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Which of these parts of a saber-toothed cat was most likely to become fossilized?
a) Skin
b) Jaws
c) Hair
d) Muscles

Seawater is typically denser than freshwater due to seawater\'s -
a) smaller mass
b) greater depth
c) higher salinity
d) lower freezing point

What is the main advantage of using dams to produce electrical energy?
a) They can be built near most cities.
b) They do not produce much pollution.
c) They are inexpensive to build.
d) They do not damage wildlife homes.

The density of a mineral is determined by its mass and -
a) volume
b) hardness
c) luster
d) shape

Which of the following is part of a valid process for supporting a hypothesis?
a) Experimentation
b) limited research
c) single trials
d) Altering results

Which of these is the best evidence that the Earth\'s crust has undergone some major changes?
a) The location of major rivers
b) The presence of marine fossils in mountain rock
c) The amount of available water on Earth
d) The arrival of the vernal equinox

Which of the following is an example of chemical weathering?
a) Splits in a rock due to tree roots
b) Pulverized rock resulting from a landslide
c) The dissolving of limestone by acid rain.
d) Broken rock being carried away by rapid moving water

What property is shared by many gemstones, such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and topaz?
a) Ductility
b) Carbon as the primary element
c) High specific gravity
d) Extreme hardness

Which of these describes the area immediately below a water table?
a) Zone of aeration
b) Zone of saturation
c) Capillary zone
d) Recharge zone

The edges of moving crustal plates are often defined by -
a) ocean basins
b) intercontinental plains
c) frequent seismic activity
d) Earth's largest rivers

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