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In a deciduous forest, what would be biotic?
a) dried leaves
b) rocks
c) air
d) rain

In a tundra biome what would be abiotic?
a) polar bear
b) penguin
c) grasses
d) rock

Which of these are biotic?
a) grass, air
b) water, dogs
c) cat, lady bug
d) sunlight, trees

Which of these abiotic
a) sunlight, water
b) trees, grass
c) deer, air
d) lions, air temperature

In a tropical rainforest, which of these are biotic?
a) toucan and sunlight
b) grass and water
c) chimpanzees and piranha
d) rocks and oranges

Whichh of these are abiotic?
a) apples
b) temperature
c) bananas
d) birds

Which of these are biotic?
a) sunlight
b) human
c) air
d) water

In which biome do the trees lose thier leaves in the fall?
a) tundra
b) taiga
c) grassland
d) deciduous forest

In which biome do a large number of herbivores live?
a) rainforest
b) grassland
c) tundra
d) deciduous forest

Which biome is also called the coniferous forest?
a) tundra
b) rainforest
c) taiga
d) desert

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