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To approach New York City is to
a) live there
b) completely surround NYC
c) go closer to NYC
d) work there

Severe weather is
a) sunny and breezy
b) suitable for a picnic
c) difficult to deal with
d) cool and cloudy

When a bear hibernates it
a) sheds its coat for the winter
b) defends its cubs
c) spends the summer storing body fat
d) spends the winter resting

Which word means the same as forecast?
a) command
b) predict
c) question
d) wonder

Which of these burrows into the earth?
a) a rock
b) a lake
c) a leaf
d) a mole

Which word is the closest to severe?
a) sorrowful
b) eerie
c) unusual
d) harsh

Which phrase best describes party preparations?
a) making sanwiches for a party
b) laughing at the party
c) playing music at the party
d) dancing at the party

A weather forcast is
a) an area's climate
b) a bad storm
c) a weather predicition
d) a TV weather person

To observe a wild animal is to
a) keep at a safe distance
b) watch it
c) protect it
d) hunt for it

Which phrase describes destruction?
a) a flood
b) homes ruined by floods
c) a sudden heavy rainstorm
d) workers rescuing flood victims

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