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What does the operon model attempt to explain?
a) the coordinated control of gene expression in bacteria
b) the mechanism of viral attachment to a host cell
c) how genes move between homologous regions of DNA
d) bacterial resistance to antibiotics

This protein is produced by a regulatory gene:
a) Operon
b) Repressor
c) Promoter
d) Inducer

A mutation in this section of DNA could influence the binding of RNA polymerase to the DNA:
a) Operon
b) Corepressor
c) Promoter
d) Inducer

A lack of this nonprotein molecule would result in the inability of the cell to \
a) Operon
b) Corepressor
c) Repressor
d) Inducer

When this is taken up by the cell, it binds to the repressor so that the repressor no longer binds to the operator:
a) Operon
b) Repressor
c) Promoter
d) Inducer

A mutation that inactivates the regulatory gene of a repressible operon in an E. coli cell would result in
a) continuous transcription of the structural gene controlled by that regulator.
b) inactivation of RNA polymerase by alteration of its active site.
c) irreversible binding of the repressor to the operator.
d) complete inhibition of transcription of the structural gene controlled by that regulator.

The lactose operon is likely to be transcribed when
a) there is more glucose in the cell than lactose.
b) the cyclic AMP and lactose levels are both high within the cell.
c) there is glucose but no lactose in the cell.
d) the cyclic AMP levels are low.

Transcription of the structural genes in an inducible operon
a) occurs continuously in the cell.
b) does not result in the production of enzymes.
c) starts when the pathway\'s product is present.
d) starts when the pathway\'s substrate is present.

For a repressible operon to be transcribed, which of the following must occur?
a) A corepressor must be present.
b) RNA polymerase cannot be present, and the repressor must be inactive.
c) RNA polymerase must bind to the promoter, and the repressor must be inactive.
d) RNA polymerase and the active repressor must be present.

Altering patterns of gene expression in prokaryotes would most likely serve the organism\'s survival in which of the following ways?
a) organizing gene expression so that genes are expressed in a given order
b) allowing young organisms to respond differently from more mature organisms
c) allowing the organism to adjust to changes in environmental conditions
d) allowing each gene to be expressed an equal number of times

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