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Weathering And Erosion.

Which is an agent of mechanical weathering?
a) Acid rain
b) Oxidation
c) Acid groundwater
d) Wind

What is the scientific term for chemical weathering resulting in rust?
a) Oxidation
b) Rustified
c) Chemical rusting
d) Onomatopoeia

Which type of rock most commonly leads to caves forming due to its softness?
a) Limestone
b) Granite
c) Marble
d) Sandstone

What agent of erosion forms dunes?
a) Wind
b) Rain
c) Acid rain
d) Waves

How do animal cause mechanical weathering?
a) Eating
b) Burrowing
c) Dying
d) Flying

What is an agent of erosion that is a sheet of ice the covers large areas of land?
a) Glacier
b) Iceberg
c) Ice cube
d) Permafrost

Which BEST describes abrasion?
a) When rocks break and move down slopes
b) When rocks break by being hit by other rocks or sediments
c) When rocks break due to moving glaciers
d) When rocks are moved by a river

Which best describes how erosion helped to create the Grand Canyon?
a) Wind blew rocks away creating the canyon
b) Water from a river moved rocks away creating the canyon
c) Glacier ice removed rocks creating the canyon
d) Acid rain dissolved rocks creating the canyon

What agent of weathering and erosion creates beaches along the shoreline?
a) Glaciers
b) Wind
c) Plants and animals
d) Waves

Which method would likely reduce the rate of erosion the most?
a) Adding plants and trees to a landscape
b) Removing trees and forests from the landscape
c) Constructing more building to a landscape
d) Removing animals from a landscape

Which climate region would likely have the most weathering?
a) Rainforests
b) Deserts
c) Ice caps/glaciers
d) Oceans

What is ice wedging an example of?
a) Chemical weathering
b) Plant weathering
c) Mechanical weathering
d) Acid precipitation

What is differential weathering?
a) Weathering caused by different agents (wind, water, ice, etc)
b) Weathering occurring at different rates
c) The effects of weathering by chemical vs mechanical agents
d) The difference between weathering and erosion

Which is NOT a cause of acid precipitation?
a) Volcanic eruptions
b) Air pollution due to burning oil and gas
c) Ice caps and glaciers
d) Factories and businesses

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