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What structure holds mosses in the ground and takes in water?
a) Rhizoids
b) Roots
c) Leaves
d) Spores

Why do mosses only grow to be a few centimeters high?
a) Lack of Vascular Tissue
b) Lack of Leaves
c) Lack of Roots
d) Lack of Rhizoids

In Which Time Period Did Mosses Thrive?
a) Denovian and Jurassic
b) Jurassic and Mesozoic
c) Denovian and Carboniferous
d) Carboniferous and Mesozoic

What Caused the Extinction of Several Species of Mosses?
a) Harsh, Dry, Conditions
b) Wet, Damp Environment
c) Cold, Iced Environment
d) Serious Flooding

What is the male part of the moss called?
a) Antheridium
b) Gametophyte
c) Archegonia
d) Spores

Which is NOT a way that mosses take in water.
a) Absorption through Rhizoids
b) Absorption through Roots
c) Absorption through Leaves

How are haploid spores produced in mosses?
a) By mitosis
b) By Meiosis
c) By Cell Fusion
d) By Archigonia Reproduction

Like algae, bryophyte's life cycles alternate between _______ and _______ generations.
a) Archigonia, Antheridia
b) Dipole, Haploid
c) Hapole, Diploid
d) Haploid, Diploid

Where is are the haploid spores produced?
a) The diploid stem of the moss
b) Archigonia
c) Antheridia
d) Sporophyte Capsule of moss

How do mosses take in nutrients?
a) Through absorptive surfaces when water flows over them.
b) Through their roots when water is evaporated into them.
c) From the protonema, which is responsible for the absorption of nutrients.
d) By mitosis.

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