Latin Root 7-8 Question Preview (ID: 60056)


What does sym mean
a) same
b) feeling
c) together
d) Hot

which root means to convince or charm
a) grat
b) sua
c) per
d) loc

What does ante mean
a) before
b) against
c) love
d) opposite

which root means to keep or maintain
a) dis
b) pre
c) hypo
d) Serv

What does idio mean
a) stupid
b) unique
c) language
d) dull

permeable logically means
a) long lasting
b) good
c) passable
d) easy to find

The Latin root Mar means
a) scar
b) ocean
c) move up
d) act

Cata means
a) down or against
b) bad
c) strike or hold
d) many

var means the same as
a) Cov
b) Mut
c) Cent
d) Ben

Fer means
a) heavy
b) talk
c) bear
d) duck

Aff means
a) act
b) eat/grow
c) Form a connection/strengthen
d) marry

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