U.S. History - Unit 2 (SSUSH4d) Question Preview (ID: 60016)

Battles Of The Revolution.

Geography played a crucial role in several battles of the American Revolution!
c) ###
d) ####

As the American Revolution began, George Washington did his best to prolong the war to eventually wear down the British!
c) ###
d) ####

The Crossing of the Delaware was the starting point of:
a) the Battle of Trenton
b) the Battle of Saratoga
c) the Battle of Yorktown
d) the 1783 Treaty of Paris

The Battle of Trenton involved a sneak attack on a group of Hessians... who were:
a) German mercenaries hired by the British
b) soldiers from Scotland
c) troops from France who supported the colonists
d) Italians who were helping the British

The poor weather, the use of the Delaware River, and the Christmas holiday were all factors in:
a) the Battle of Trenton
b) the Battle of Saratoga
c) the Battle of Yorktown
d) the Boston Massacre

The Battle of Saratoga was fought as the British tried to take control of:
a) New York
b) Massachusetts
c) the Southern Colonies
d) Virginia and Maryland

Who was General John Burgoyne?
a) He was a British general who lost the Battle of Saratoga.
b) He signed the 1783 Treaty of Paris.
c) He helped Washington cross the Delaware River.
d) He was responsible for the Boston Massacre.

General Horatio Gates...
a) was an American who helped lead troops during the Battle of Saratoga
b) lost the Battle of Saratoga to British forces
c) defended Yorktown from British soldiers
d) ####

American colonists having the high ground... was incredibly important in:
a) the Battle of Saratoga
b) the Battle of Yorktown
c) the Battle of Trenton
d) ####

After the Battle of Saratoga...
a) the French became a strong ally of the colonists
b) the British split the colonies in two
c) the colonists immediately signed the 1783 Treaty of Paris
d) ####

The final battle of the American Revolution took place at:
a) Yorktown
b) Saratoga
c) Trenton
d) Bunker Hill

Just before the Battle of Yorktown, British soldiers were attempting to:
a) divide the colonies by cutting off the Southern Colonies
b) take over New York City and Philadelphia
c) encourage Spain to join the war
d) pass more taxes against the colonists

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