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The friction between objects that are stationary is called
a) static friction
b) rolling friction
c) fundamental friction
d) kinetic friction

Which is an example of helpful friction
a) wearing batting gloves
b) sand on an icy road
c) brakes in a car
d) all of the answers are correct

Force is a quantity made up of
a) weight and speed
b) magnitude and direction
c) time and acceleration
d) mass and velocity

Which of the following does not indicate velocity
a) 14 ft/s SSE
b) 40 mi/h toward town square
c) 80 km/h from NY to NJ
d) 28 mi from LA to Catalina

If the net force acting on a stationary object is zero, then the object will
a) accelerate in the direction of the strongest force
b) remain at rest
c) begin moving backwards
d) decrease at steady trate of speed

a) must be in a particular direction
b) is the change in position of an object
c) must be in a straight line
d) all of the answers are correct

What is the McGuinness mascot
a) a top hat
b) a villain
c) an eagle
d) a lion

How do you spell villain?
a) villian
b) villain

In what county is Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School
a) Forsyth
b) Guilford
c) Davie
d) Stokes

What was the year Mr Repass became principal?
a) 1890
b) 1990
c) 2090
d) 2009

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