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Which of the following describes a heterotrophic organism?
a) Has a nucleus
b) Cannot make its own food
c) Makes it's own food
d) Does not have a nucleus

What is classification?
a) process of grouping things based on similarities
b) a a group of similar organisms that can mate and produce fertile offspring
c) gradual change of species through time
d) The science of classification

In the organism Amorphophallus titanum, what is the genus name?
a) titanum
b) titanum Amorphophallus
c) Amorphophallus
d) Amorphophallus titanum

A genus is a group that holds smaller groups called
a) kingdoms
b) species
c) phyla
d) Families

What kingdom contains heterotrophs that usually don't move?
a) Fungi
b) Animalia
c) Plantae
d) Protista

What kingdom would a unicellular eukaryote most likely go into?
a) Eubacteria
b) Protista
c) Animalia
d) Archaebacteria

What group of organisms includes only multicellular autotrophs?
a) Protista
b) Fungi
c) Animalia
d) Plantae

What is a kingdom of organisms that can often live in EXTREME environments where other life cannot exist?
a) Eubacteria
b) Fungi
c) Animalia
d) Archaebacteria

Kingdoms are broken down into smaller groups called
a) Classes
b) Species
c) Phlya
d) Families

What is the only kingdom of eukaryotes that can contain both autotrophs and heterotrophs, AND both unicellular and multicellular organisms?
a) Protista
b) Eubacteria
c) Fungi
d) Plantae

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