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A boy pushes on a parked car with a force of 200 N. The car does not move. How much work does the biy do on the car?
a) 200 N
b) 200 J
c) zero
d) none of the above

What are the units of work ?
a) J
b) Nm
c) kgm2s2
d) all of the above

A weightlifer presses a 400 N weight 0.5 m over his head in 2 seconds. What is the power of the weightlifter?
a) 100 N
b) 25 watts
c) 400 watts
d) 100 watts

A machine is a device that
a) requires less work to do a given task
b) decreases the amount of work done by a given force.
c) increases energy
d) can multiply and change the direction of an input force.

What is the mechanical advantage of a single fixed pulley ?
a) 1
b) 1.5
c) 2
d) 3

An incline plane
a) changes the direction of the force only.
b) changes the magnitude of the force only.
c) change both the magnitude and the direction of the force.
d) decreases the amount of work done.

Which of the following is a compound machine ?
a) a wheel and axle
b) a pair of pliers
c) a pulley
d) a ramp

What is the gravitational potential energy of a 50 kg box that is 8.0 m above the ground ?
a) 5500J
b) 4000J
c) 3400J
d) 550 J

What are the units for power?
a) watts
b) horsepower
c) joules per second
d) all of the above

Gravitational potential energy depends on the
a) the mass of the object.
b) the height of the object.
c) the acceleration due to gravity.
d) all of the above.

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