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What does an absolute URL do?
a) absolute uniform resource locator
b) Takes you to a specific page on a website includes the http://
c) Opens a relative set of results in a search engine.
d) Opens a browser

What is a LAN?
a) A URL code for specific results
b) Hardware in a computer which uses WI-FI to connect to other computers
c) Local Area Network-an Intranet with a hardwire connection system.
d) A code element for linking CSS to images

What is a LAN usually used for?
a) business and schools to link computers- within close geographical proximity
b) Gaming only
c) Only one computer can be connected
d) Used over a large geographical area

What is a domain name?
a) A websites name
b) A name for a computer on the internet different from other computers.
c) A more professional term for username
d) a name for a computer on the internet to put it into catagories with other computers.

What is Bandwidth?
a) a measurement of remaining data based on a bits per second ratio.
b) The length of a video or slideshows time.
c) The measurement of data, usually in KB or MB, include with information about a document or file.
d) The speed of the server

What is Hexedecimal?
a) A math/calculating system used by computers (calculator)
b) A font format which cannot use certain numbers and letters.
c) A type of pasword system which uses only the letters A-F and numbers 1-9
d) A way to define color values on a computer using letters A-F and numbers 1-9

What is a GUI?
a) Graphical User Interface-a user friendly program that does not require any type of training to use.
b) A user interface for people to interact with code or text commands.
c) Devices like MP3 Players that use images rather than code or text to give commands.
d) A type of File used to give commands to a computor.

What is FTP?
a) Acronym for File Termination Protocol- are you sure you want to send this file to the recycle bin?
b) Format Transfer Protocal- transfers documents in the correct File-Type to be read by other computers
c) Keeps file types from changing after installing or downloading them from a soucre.
d) Acronym for File Transfer Protocol- generally used by servers.

What is HTML?
a) Basic code for internet site construction
b) Hypertext Markup Language- used for more complex code rules such as CSS
c) Used wtih a WYSIWYG to create websites
d) HyperText Markup Language- the code for webpages

What is DHTML?
a) Very complicated code for internet site construction
b) Assorted data which is read and interpreted by the computer
c) Acronym for Dynamic HTML- classifies digital animation or interactive information on a website.
d) A next gen type of HTML

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