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Western Religions.

Which of the following statements most closely describes the attitude of the Jewish people of Judaea toward Roman rule?
a) They wanted to be more like the Romans.
b) There were differing opinions about Roman rule.
c) Most Jews wanted to violently overthrow Roman rule.
d) They all believed that God would save them from the Romans.

What was Jesus' mission as he traveled and preached in Judaea and Galilee?
a) to free the Jewish people from Roman rule
b) to create a new religion, separate from Judaism
c) to provide the salvation that God had promised to Isreal throughout its history.
d) to encourage the Jewish people to cooperate with the Romans

Which of the following statements describes an important concept in the Christian faith?
a) Be the change you want to see in the world.
b) Love your neighbor as yourself.
c) Make the most of what you have; it is later than you think.
d) An oppressive government is more to be feared than a tiger.

What was the central lesson that the apostle Paul taught about the crucifixion of Jesus?
a) that he was the Savior and his death made up for the sins of all humans
b) that he was innocent and his execution showed how cruel the Romans were
c) that it was unjust and his death was a reason to rebel against the Romans
d) that it was painful and his death teaches us the value of suffering

What was the primary, religious reason that Christians refused to worship state gods and emperors?
a) Christians believed that there was only one God.
b) Christians did not want to worship the emperors who had persecuted them.
c) Most Christians did worship Roman state gods.
d) Christians did not think Roman gods were as good as the Christian god.

What does the word Gospel mean?
a) the law
b) good news
c) promise
d) salvation

What structure emerged in the early Christian church?
a) All members of the church shared responsibility equally.
b) The church was led by the laity, who told the bishops what to do.
c) No particular structure emerged until several centuries had passed.
d) Christian communities were lead by clergy who had distinct functions separate from regular church members.

How was one initiated into the Christian community?
a) by donating a lot of money to the church
b) through a painful initiation ceremony
c) through a purification by water
d) by sacrificing a small animal

What did Paul mean when he said Here there is no Greek or Jew, barbarian, Scythian, slave or free, but Christ is all and is in all?
a) that Greeks, Jews, and the other groups he listed would never believe in Christian teachings
b) that all people are spiritually equal in Christianity, regardless of nationality, class, or race
c) that only Greeks, Jews, and Scythians could become Christians
d) that people had to be well-traveled to become a Christian

According to the traditional story, what convinced Constantine to convert to Christianity?
a) He had a vision of the Christian cross, which was meant as a sign that he would win an important battle.
b) He dreamed that if he painted the Christian cross on his soldiers' shields, he would win an important battle.
c) He was seeking more meaning in his life and believed he could find that in Christianity.
d) He wanted to repent for his earlier persecution of Christians.

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