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What is the major cause of variation within a species?
a) sexual reproduction
b) asexual reproduction
c) extinction
d) photosynthesis

Animals get energy from the food they eat. What is the original source of this energy?
a) sugars produced by plants
b) nitrogen compounds in the soil
c) radiant energy from the sun
d) decaying organic matter

Absolute zero is the temperature at which molecules have no
a) movement
b) physical properties
c) electrons in the outermost energy levels
d) chemical bond energy

If one light in a string of lights is taken out and all the lights go out this circuit is a
a) series circuit
b) alternate circuit
c) direct circuit
d) parallel circuit

Work is defined as
a) a force acting through a distance
b) a push or a pull
c) the product of mass and acceleration
d) the result of equal and opposite forces acting on an object

In which type of electric circuit are there many paths for electrons to flow?
a) parallel
b) series
c) direct
d) alternate

Substances change phase when
a) their molecules gain energy
b) their molecules lose energy
c) their molecules are mixed together
d) their molecules are separated

The weight of an object is determined by
a) the pull of gravity on the object
b) its acceleration
c) its volume
d) its density

High winds are most likely found between
a) high and low pressure systems sthat are close together
b) two thunderstorms
c) mountains and prairies
d) cirrus and cumulus clouds

Which statement about cells is NOT true
a) Cells are produced from nonliving things
b) Cells are the basic unit of structure and function in living things
c) Cells contain many chemicals
d) Cellks make up living things

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