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The three groups of rocks are sedimentary, metamorphic, and
a) limestone
b) granite
c) igneous
d) coal

The rock cycle shows how rocks continually
a) increase in size
b) increase in number
c) become more complex
d) change over time

Which kind of rock forms when molten rocks cool?
a) metamorphic
b) sedimentary
c) igneous
d) extrusive

An existing rock can change into another type of rock when it is subjected to great
a) pressure
b) winds
c) flooding
d) foliatioon

Which kind of rock forms by recrystalization?
a) intrusive
b) extrusive
c) sedimentary
d) metamorphic

Geologists classify an igneous rock on the basis of its crystal size and the amount of
a) carbon
b) silica
c) sediment
d) foliation

Pieces of rock can settle from water and get cemented into
a) metamorphic rock
b) sedimentary rock
c) igneous rock
d) extrusive rock

How does sedimentary rock become metamorphic rock?
a) melting
b) cooling
c) weathering
d) heat and pressure

How does magma become igneous rock?
a) heat and pressure
b) weathering
c) cooling
d) melting

How does igneous rock become sediment?
a) heat and pressure
b) weathering and erosion
c) cooling
d) melting

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