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Which of these diagrams show how energy is transferred in a battery-powered toy car?
a) chemical energy--> electrical energy --> kinetic energy
b) kinetic energy --> electrical energy --> chemical energy
c) heat energy --> kinetic energy --> light energy
d) heat energy --> light energy --> chemical energy

Which of the following refracts light?
a) A mirror
b) An electric circuit
c) A camera
d) A lamp

We hear sounds because of--
a) the pitch and intensity of those sounds
b) vibrations in the air
c) properties of the air
d) energy waves that can be seen

A stop sign looks red because
a) the sign reflects red light
b) the sign absorbs white light
c) the sign reflects blue and green light
d) the sign absorbs red light

What happens to energy in a simple electric circuit?
a) The energy stays in the circuit
b) Electrical energy becomes mechanical energy
c) Chemical energy becomes light energy
d) Light energy becomes electrical energy

Matter can change into different states. When water freezes, a-
a) gas becomes a solid
b) liquid becomes a solid
c) solid becomes a liquid
d) liquid becomes a gas

A magnet is most likely to attract--
a) a pane of glass
b) a piece of wood
c) an iron nail
d) a plastic spoon

Which of the following reflects light?
a) a camera
b) a microscope
c) a mirror
d) a lamp

What would happen to a light bulb if you cut a wire in a closed circuit?
a) The light bulb will break.
b) The light will stay on.
c) The battery will stop working
d) The light will go off.

Which of the following will be able to complete a circuit?
a) plastic spoon
b) paper clip
c) rubber eraser
d) block of wood

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