Idioms Question Preview (ID: 59384)

Students Need To Select The Correct Meaning To The Idiom Provided.

I was supposed to take the garbage out today but mom said I was off the hook.
a) I didn't have to do it
b) I was fishing
c) I was stuck
d) I needed to take the garbage out

My teacher said the class was on the ball today.
a) the class was playing with a ball
b) the class was doing a good job
c) the class was throwing a ball
d) the class was sitting on a ball

When I was upset, mom told me to pull myself together.
a) to walk away
b) to get dressed
c) to do push ups
d) to calm down

Mom stayed home from work today because she was feeling under the weather today.
a) she was out in the rain
b) she was under the covers
c) she was not feeling well
d) she was under the umbrella

When I lot my toy mom said not to get all bent out of shape.
a) not to get upset
b) not to bend over
c) not to find my toy
d) not to tell anyone

I tried to read my report to my class, but I was tongue tied.
a) my tongue was in a knot
b) I bit my tongue
c) my tongue was sore
d) I was unable to talk

I was very excited to go to the amusement park, mom said to calm down and not to get out of hand.
a) Get out of control
b) throw something
c) Hold something
d) relax

My teacher told me not to cut corners on my project.
a) Stop working
b) Not to work to fast
c) Use my scissors
d) Don't ask questions

Dad said it was time to hit the sack.
a) time to get a sack
b) time to hit the bag in the kitchen
c) time to got to bed
d) time to play

Mom said break a leg as I began my part in the play.
a) stop working
b) break your leg
c) Good luck
d) stay home

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