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Maximus purchases a 5-gallon aquarium for his bedroom. To fill the aquarium with water, he uses a container with a capacity of 1 quart. How many times will Maximus fill and empty the container before the aquarium is full?
a) 10
b) 15
c) 20
d) 25

Landen fills a tub with water so he can give his dog a bath. Which is the most appropriate unit for measuring the capacity of a tub?
a) fluid ounces
b) pound
c) pint
d) gallon

Mrs. Gail is adding a border to her bulletin board. She has a strip of green border that is 8 feet long. How many 16-inch pieces can she cut from the strip?
a) 4 pieces
b) 6 pieces
c) 8 pieces
d) 12 pieces

Porfirio wants to trim 3.5 centimeters from her hair. How should he move the decimal point to convert this number to millimeters?
a) 1 place to the left
b) 1 place to the right
c) 2 places to the left
d) 2 places to the right

Kendle's driveway is 120 feet long. How many yards long is Kendle's driveway?
a) 60 yards
b) 40 yards
c) 20 yards
d) 10 yards

Yara has 426 millimeters of fabric. How many centimeters of fabric does Yara have?
a) 4,260 centimeters
b) 42.6 centimeters
c) 4.26 centimeters
d) 0.426 centimeters

Which tool would you use to measure the capacity of a coffee mug?
a) meterstick
b) spring scale
c) measuring cup
d) 1 -liter container

For a class assignment, students are asked to record the total amount of water they drink in one day. Ashleigh records that she drank four 8-fluid ounce glasses of water and two 1-pint bottles. How many quarts of water did Ashleigh drink?
a) 2 quarts
b) 4 quarts
c) 3 quarts
d) 8 quarts

Edgar used 32 ounces of walnuts in a muffin recipe. How many pounds of walnuts did Carlos use?
a) 8 lbs
b) 4 lbs
c) 2 lbs
d) 1 lb

Elizabeth has a container that holds 32 fluid ounces of orange juice. What operation would she use to find how many gallons of orange juice the container holds?
a) division
b) multiplication
c) addition
d) subtraction

Edwin made 5 quarts of juice for a picnic. How many cups of juice did Edwin make?
a) 1 cup
b) 5 cups
c) 10 cups
d) 20 cups

Sydney's ladybug is 10 millimeters long. Beckie's walking stick is 30 centimeters long. What is the difference in these two insects' lengths in millimeters?
a) 70 mm
b) 20 mm
c) 290 mm
d) 2,990 mm

Lane drinks 2 quarts of water each day. How many cups of water does he drink each day?
a) 4
b) 16
c) 64
d) 8

The length of one wall in Mrs. Gail's classroom is 29 ft. What is the length in inches?
a) 348 in.
b) 242 in.
c) 338 in.
d) 248 in.

Braxton drinks 0.5 liters of orange juice with breakfast each day for 15 days. How many milliliters of orange juice does he drink during the 15 days?
a) 15,000 mL
b) 7,500 mL
c) 750 mL
d) 500 mL

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