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Equations Relating Distance, Speed, And Time.

What is the equation used to calculate speed?
a) speed = distance/time
b) speed = time/distance
c) speed = time x distance
d) uhhhh....

A train travels 200 km in 4 hrs. How fast is the train going?
a) 800 km/h
b) 0.2 km/h
c) 50 km/h
d) 80 km/h

What is the equation used to calculate distance?
a) distance = speed/time
b) distance = speed x time
c) distance = time/speed
d) idk

A car travels 30 miles/hr for 3 hours, calculate the distance it will travel
a) 10 miles
b) 60 miles
c) 0.1 miles
d) 90 miles

What is the equation used to find time?
a) time = speed/distance
b) time = distance/speed
c) time = distance x speed
d) I must have slept through class the day we learned this

If a robot chases you down at a speed of 9 m/s for a distance of 4500 m. How long has the robot been chasing you?
a) 50 seconds
b) 500 seconds
c) 5 seconds
d) 4,050 seconds

A boat travels at 22 km/hr for 10 hrs, what distance will it travel?
a) 2.2 km
b) 220 km
c) 5/11 km
d) 32 km

Joanna drives for 400km at an average speed of 80km/h. How long was her journey?
a) 32,000 hours
b) 5 hours
c) 50 hours
d) 0.2 hours

Natalie rode a train for 12 hours. She traveled for 258 miles. How fast was Natalie travelling?
a) 67 mph
b) 0.05 mph
c) 21.5 mph
d) 3,096 mph

Mr. Hoppe drives his race car for 4 hrs at 150 miles/hr. How far will he travel?
a) 600 miles
b) 37.5 miles
c) 6,000 miles
d) 300 miles

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