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Most of the living species known to science
a) are large mammals
b) live in deserts
c) live in the richer countries of the world
d) are insects

A mass extinction is
a) a rapid increase of biodiversity
b) the introduction of exotic species
c) the extinction of many species in a short period of time
d) a benefit to the environment

Emphasizing the preservation of entire ecosystems will
a) cause the economic needs of farmers to suffer in order to save a single species
b) decrease biodiversity, especially in tropical rain forests, coral reefs, and islands
c) throw the food webs of many ecosystems out of balance
d) save many unknown species from extinction

The term biodiversity refers to
a) the variety of species on Earth
b) the extinction of the dinosaurs
c) habitat destruction, invasive exotic species, and poaching
d) the fact that 40 percent of prescription drugs come from living things

Human population growth accelerated in recent centuries mostly because of
a) the bubonic plague
b) better hygiene and food
c) the discovery of electricity
d) improved efficiency of fuel use

Which of the following uses of wood is the most important for basic human needs?
a) heating the home
b) boiling water
c) making tools
d) building shelter

Which of the following resources is likely to be impacted the most by a rapidly growing population?
a) clothing
b) food
c) housing
d) water

Which of the following is an example of coevolution?
a) flowers that can be pollinated by only one species of insect
b) rabbits that invade a new habitat
c) wolves that compete with each ofther for territory
d) bacteria that suddenly mutate in a lab

Ants and Acacia trees have a mutualistic relationship because
a) they are both adapted to a humid climate
b) they are part of the same ecosystem
c) they benefit each other
d) the ants eat parts of the Acacia tree

The growth rate of a population fo geese will probably increase within a year if
a) more birds die than are hatched
b) several females lay two eggs instead of three during nesting season
c) several females begin laying eggs at younger ages than their mothers did
d) some birds get lost during migration

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