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What is FPOM?
a) Fundamental Processing On Microbes
b) Fresh Pineapples Often Melt
c) Fish Predation Of Mites
d) Fine Particulate Organic Matter

what is CPOM?
a) Crustacean Project Of Management
b) Contains Perfect Organic Matter
c) Course Particulate Organic Matter
d) Creek Protection Of Main

Where is the Riparian Zone
a) At the substrate level
b) The mouth of the water system
c) The land, including the vegetation, adjacent to the water system
d) In the Current

Which one is NOT a functional feeding group
a) Shredders
b) scoopers
c) Gatherers
d) Filter feeders

How do crayfish help engineer an ecosystem
a) They change CPOM into FPOM
b) They eat much larger organisms
c) They pull in organisms from outside the water system
d) They can change the temperature of the water

What is a source of Primary production for a forest stream?
a) Rocks
b) Water
c) Crawfish
d) Trees in the riparian zone

Shredders, gatherers, and filter feedersare examples of....
a) Fish
b) Fnctional feeding groups
c) Plants
d) ecosystems

Photosyntheic organisms are only found on land
a) True
b) Flase
c) n/a
d) n/a

What is the benthic level
a) Near the riparian zone
b) Surface of the water
c) In the middle of the water column
d) The bottom/ bed of the water system

Other than changing CPOM to FPOM, how does a crawfish help engineer an ecosystem
a) It shapes the benthic level of the water system
b) migrates often
c) Eats many different animals
d) N/a

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