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Which word is a synonym for sleepy or tired?
a) forecast
b) famished
c) drowsy
d) migrate

Which vocabulary word means to dig a hole into or under something?
a) cease
b) migrate
c) severe
d) burrow

Which vocabulary word means a road or way that leads to a place?
a) approach
b) destructive
c) reduce
d) prepare

Which word means the opposite of constructive?
a) migrate
b) destructive
c) famished
d) observe

Which vocabulary word means to stop or bring to an end?
a) migrate
b) cease
c) venture
d) prepare

Which vocabualry word means to come closer to?
a) nestle
b) observe
c) prepare
d) approach

An antonym for cease is:
a) first
b) begin
c) stop
d) last

Which vocabulary word means causing harm or damage?
a) burrow
b) destructive
c) approach
d) drowsy

An antonym for drowsy is
a) sleepy
b) happy
c) alert
d) weird

Which Vocabulary word means "a hole or tunnel dug by an animal"?
a) burrow
b) cease
c) migrate
d) hibernate

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