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Multiple Choice.

Why does Douglass first describe his mistress as “a kind and tender-hearted woman”?
a) To emphasize his good fortune
b) To contrast with her later, cruel behavior
c) To prove that some slaveholders were caring
d) To show how much he wanted to learn to read

Which sentence from the excerpt best demonstrates Douglass’s feelings about reading after he learned about slavery?
a) It was pressed upon me by every object within sight or hearing, animate or inanimate.
b) I heard nothing without hearing it, and felt nothing without feeling it.
c) In moments of agony, I envied my fellow-slaves for their stupidity.
d) In the same book, I met with one ofSheridan’s mighty speeches on and in behalf of Catholic emancipation.

Through the experiences described in this excerpt, Douglass gained ---
a) gratitude for his master's and mistress's actions
b) more knowledge about the problem of slavery
c) pleasure in spending time with his white friends
d) a belief that people are not to be trusted

Which words from the story help the reader understand what unabated means? -I read them over and over again with unabated interest.-
a) choice documents
b) mighty speeches
c) frequently flashed
d) interesting thoughts

Which of these conclusions about Douglass’s unutterable anguish is supported in the text?
a) He sees that his life would have been in turmoil even if he had not become a slave.
b) He realizes that reading the book has shown him what he is missing by being enslaved.
c) He realizes that his master is correct that he should not have learned how to read.
d) He sees that there is no such thing as truth or human rights in the world.

Why does the author included that Frederick Douglas read the -Columbian Orator when he was twelve ?
a) To show that he was thinking about running away from his master
b) To show that reading is an important step in gaining knowledge
c) To suggest that a book gave him hope that someday he could be free
d) To suggest that he could converse with his master if he were well-read

In paragraph 2 of the selection, Douglass calls his mistress tiger like to emphasize how —Under its influence, the tender heart became stone, and the lamblike disposition gave way to one of tigerlike fierceness.
a) forceful she was when it came to caring for the hungry or needy
b) threatening she became when she decided to deny him an education
c) conflicted she was about whether to hate or enjoy being a slave owner
d) angry she became when she witnessed her husband mistreating the slaves

Which sentences correctly use pronoun antecedent.
a) My mistress set her face against my being instructed by anyone else.
b) Slaveholders have an unwritten duty tocare for his chattel.
c) My mistress fed the hungry and comforted every mourner within their reach.
d) I give the names of those little boys as a testimonial of the gratitude I bear him.

What is the best definition for the word transcript as it relates to -The Danger of a Single Story.....
a) it has historical figures in authentic settings
b) it is told in first person about actual events
c) it has a narrator describing real people
d) it is told in third person with accurate facts

What does the word denunciation mean as it is used in the story
a) to continue
b) to condem
c) to clarify
d) to camouflage

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