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HIV can spread through
a) Airborne transmission
b) Casual contact
c) semen
d) Insect bites

An example of a viral STD is
a) genital herpes
b) gonorrhea
c) syphilis
d) trichomoniasis

Which of the following STD's stays in the body after symptoms are treated?
a) Chlamydia
b) HPV
c) Gonorrhea
d) syphilis

The best method for preventing STD's is
a) Using barrier protection during sexual activity
b) Abstaining from sexual activity
c) Choosing low-risk sex partners
d) avoiding alcohol and drugs

Compared to adults, teens are less likely to
a) have more than one sexual partner
b) select high-risk partners
c) Engage in protected sex
d) seek medical attention for an STD

The first symptoms of HIV infection include
a) rapid weight loss
b) open sores
c) confusion and forgetfulness
d) fever and body aches

Which of the following statements in NOT true?
a) All STD's produce recognizable symptoms
b) All STD's are preventable
c) Some STD's can be passed from a mother to her baby.
d) Some STD's cause cancer

HIV is transmitted through what three bodily fluids
a) Blood, Swet and Tears
b) Blood, Semen and Vaginal secretions
c) Spit, Swet and Urine
d) Blood, Spit and Swet

HIV is transmitted through what three ways
a) Sex, Sharing Needles and Mother to baby
b) Sex, Kissing and spitting
c) Sex, Hugging and Shaking Hands
d) Sex, Touching Blood and a Skin Rash

HIV spreads through
a) unbroken skin
b) transfer of infected blood
c) objects with dried blood
d) bodily fluids from nasal membranes

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