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What part of the compound microscope should be used to adjust the amount of light illuminating a prepared slide?
a) eyepiece
b) rotating nosepiece
c) diaphragm
d) coarse-focus knob

Which of these is the best reason to not eat or drink while in the laboratory?
a) Particles of food an contaminate chemical reagents.
b) Spilled drinks can make cleanup of chemicals difficult.
c) Some foods produce toxic gases when mixed with acits.
d) Chemicals spilled on hands can be transferred to food.

Which of the following should be used to determine whether pond water is too acidic to support plant life?
a) Motion detector
b) pH meter
c) Geiger counter
d) Voltmeter

What are the correct steps of the scientific method?
a) observations, experiment, hypothesis, model, further experiment
b) model, further experiment, experiment, hypothesis, observations
c) observations, hypothesis, experiment, model, further experiment
d) experiment, observations, hypothesis, model, further experiment

Erlenmeyer flasks and beakers are used for --
a) mixing
b) transporting
c) reacting
d) all of the above

When water is paced in a glass or plastic container the surface takes on a curve shape. The curve is known as a --
a) minus
b) meniscus
c) graduated curve
d) it doesn't curve!

A tentative proposal that explains observations is known as --
a) experiment
b) model
c) observation
d) hypothesis

Data that is obtained by making measurement is called --
a) quantitative data
b) measured data
c) qualitative data
d) contolled data

The single varialbe that we elect to manipulate is called --
a) variable
b) dependent variable
c) independent variable
d) control

Errors are unavoidable in any experiment. No measurement is perfect. An error in reading a measurement is called --
a) random error
b) systematic error
c) random and systematic error
d) reading error

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