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A glas is held upside down so that its open end is closed by the water's surface. Soon air bubbles gegin to escape from the glass. The best explanation for this is--
a) water condenses on the glass and escapes as a gas.
b) air in the glass increases the water temperature and causes bubbling.
c) pressurized water vapor rises rapidly and evaporates.
d) air trapped in the glass is warmed and expands in volume.

There is helium gas that is expaning for fill a larger container. Initial volume=2.50L. Mass=1g. Final volume=20.0L. What is the ratio of the gas's density (final to initial)
a) 1:1
b) 4:1
c) 1:8
d) 1:52

There is a picture that shows a chemical being poured on a hand and on a surface. The chemical is eating away at the two objects. What does this represent?
a) The chemical is pressurized.
b) The chemical is corrosive.
c) The chemical iss flammabble.
d) The chemical is toxic.

The safest way to dilute concentrated sulfuric acid is to add--
a) a series of small volumes of waqter to the acid while stirring
b) the acid to water slowly while stirring constantly
c) the acid to a small volume of water and then add more water
d) dilute sulfuric acid to a small volume of the concentrated acid

Which of these tools is most useful in identifying single-celled organisms in a sample of pond water?
a) convex lens
b) spectroscope
c) microscope
d) concave mirror

A student is working with four beakers that each contain a clear liquid. Which set of procedures would be best to determine whether one of the beakers contains only distilled water
a) observe odor, determine temperature, observe color, determine boiling point
b) observe odor, determine pH, determine density, determine boiling point
c) observe volume, determine mass, observe color, determine pH
d) determine mass, observe volume, determine temperature, observe odor

Which set of equipment would be best to use to test the effect of temperature on solution acidity?
a) a triple-beam balbance and a thermometer
b) a pH meter and a barometer
c) a triple-beam balance and litmus paper
d) a thermometer and a pH meter

Which of these activities can help conserve natural resources?
a) recycling carboard boxes
b) washing small loads of laundry
c) driving large cars
d) builing wooden fences

Students are doing a dissection lab. Students use hand lens, forceps, and a scalpel. Two of the students are done. These 2 students may do all of the following except--
a) remove their goggles
b) review their notes
c) wash their hands
d) assist their lab partner

Only 10% of the electrical energy operating a lightbulb is changed into visible light. Which instrument helps identify the energy change occurring to most of the remaining 90%?
a) Triple-beam balance
b) thermometer
c) magnifying glass
d) prism

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