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Where was Ferdinand Magellan from ?
a) England
b) France
c) Portugal
d) America

What does Magellan want to do ?
a) Sail north to Africa
b) Sail west to Asia
c) Sail east to America
d) Sail South to Europe

Who sponsored Magellan's voyage ?
a) Spain
b) Portugal
c) France
d) Russia

What are ships made from at this time ?
a) Wood
b) Iron
c) Plastic
d) Steel

Why is there tension between Magellan and his crew ?
a) A witch put a curse on the ship.
b) Magellan's crew doesn't believe their captain know's what he's doing.
c) Magellan is cruel to his crew.
d) Magellan is Portuguese and his crew is mainly Spanish.

Are Spain and Portugal enemies ?
a) Yes, they are competing for the same land in America.
b) Yes, one is Catholic and the other is Protestant.
c) No, both countries are Catholic.
d) No, they both hate France.

Where does Magellan sail to get into the Pacific Ocean ?
a) North of North America
b) South of South America
c) South of Africa
d) West of Asia

How does the crew react to having to spend the winter in a cold place and not going back home to Spain ?
a) They riot
b) They take a vote
c) They are sad, but trust their captain
d) They like the cold weather

What is our school mascot
a) The Phoenix
b) A bear
c) A panther
d) A duck

What are our school colors
a) Red and Black
b) Blue and Gold
c) Orange and Blue
d) Green and Red

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