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United States Becoming A World Power-Spanish American War US Imperialism.

Where was the first major battle of the Spanish-American War?
a) Cuba
b) Puerto Rico
c) Philippines
d) Hong Kong

What did Filipinos believe when they fought alongside American soldiers?
a) They believed that the United States would be a kinder ruler than Spain.
b) They believed that they would become a United States colony.
c) They believed that they were fighting for their independence.
d) They believed that the United States would protect them from Japan.

The U.S.S. Maine was sent to the harbor of Havana, Cuba to:
a) To protect the Cuban people from Commodore George Dewey
b) To learn meat cutting skills from “The Butcher.”
c) To protect U.S. citizens in Cuba and monitor the treatment of Cubans by Spain
d) To pick up goods from U.S. sugar cane plantation owners in Cuba

The First United States Volunteer Cavalry led by Teddy Roosevelt was known as:
a) The Tough Tiders
b) The Rough Riders
c) The Rider Company
d) Teddy’s Team

What role did the news media (yellow journalism) have in causing the Spanish-American War?
a) They shaped American public opinion in favor of Cuba.
b) They exaggerated news stories about Spanish cruelty in Cuba.
c) They blamed Spain for the sinking of the battleship U.S.S. Maine.
d) All of the above are true.

Why did U.S. leaders require Cuba to sign the Platt Amendment?
a) They wanted to protect Cuba from Spanish merchants.
b) They wanted the power to intervene in Cuban affairs.
c) They wanted to distinguish Cuba from other Latin American nations.
d) They felt gratitude to Cuba for its help in the Spanish-American War.

Which of the following famous Americans was NOT an anti-imperialist who belonged to the Anti-Imperialist League?
a) Andrew Carnegie
b) Jane Addams
c) Theodore Roosevelt
d) Mark Twain

What did the Roosevelt Corollary and the Monroe Doctrine allow?
a) Cuba to maintain a relatively independent government
b) the United States to act as a “policeman” in Latin America
c) U.S. support for Panama’s rebellion against Colombia
d) Puerto Rico to keep its government while remaining a U.S. possession

Japan and other big European powers claimed special rights and economic privileges in China after the Spanish-American war. Their acts of claiming rights to another country is known as:
a) Open-Door Policy
b) Anti-Imperialist League.
c) Boxer Rebellion.
d) Spheres of Influence

John Hay asked nations who were claiming economic rights and privileges for a plan in which no single country should have a monopoly of trade with China. This strategy was known as:
a) Open-Door Policy
b) Anti-Imperialist League
c) Boxer Rebellion
d) Spheres of Influence

The Boxer-Rebellion was a violent uprising against foreign countries in China. The Chinese started the uprising because:
a) they resented foreigners’ attitudes of “cultural superiority” and how foreigners were treating them.
b) they did not like trading with countries that did not have as much to offer as their own.
c) they were tired of hearing people speak in languages that were not their own.
d) they lost the first official boxing match against the United States.

The United States paid this country $10 million dollars and an annual fee of $250,000 to build a canal that would connect the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.
a) Cuba
b) China
c) Panama
d) Portugal

A trend where stronger nations extend their economic, political, and military control over weaker territories.
a) annexation
b) Hawaii
c) imperialism
d) Spheres of Influence

He arranged the purchase of Alaska from Russia for 7.2 million dollars.
a) Theodore Roosevelt
b) Mark Twain
c) William Seward
d) Grover Cleveland

Queen Liliuokalani was the Monarch of this nation before the U.S. annexed it in 1898.
a) Philippines
b) Hawaii
c) Guam
d) Cuba

The process of taking over a country by force. To claim a country!
a) annexation
b) imperialism
c) Spheres of Influence
d) Platt Amendment

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