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Two students measured the length of the same stick, each using a different 30 cm ruler. Student 1 got 22cm, student 2 got 8cm. The most likely explanation for the difference...
a) is the student imporperly read the ruler.
b) is the ruler was constructed with nonstandard cm marks.
c) is the student viewed the ruler from a different angle.
d) is the ruler was metal and t he other ruler was plastic.

Which of these is the most appropriate unit of measure for reporting the density of a solid?
a) grams per centimeter cube
b) grams per millimeter squared
c) grams per liter squared
d) grams per centimeter

Hypothesis: Much of the iron found in the topsoil of the island was carried fromm Africa by huge dust clouds. Which study would most likely be used to investigate this hypothesis?
a) Tracking dust clouds with stellite photos
b) Analyzing the content of comet dust clouds
c) Calculating erosion rates in African limestone mines
d) Determining the effects of iron on limestone

A researcher determined th e percentage of electrical energy transformed into different forms of energy by a toaster. The best way to communicate these results is to display the
a) data using a histogram
b) data using a box-whisker graph
c) data using a line graph
d) data usintg a circle graph

Reactioins that produce toxic gases should be performed in a
a) laboratory fume hood
b) warm, airtight drying oven
c) well-ventilated area of the lab
d) beaker with a watch glass on top

Which of the following will give the most precise measure of a 10-milliliter volume?
a) a 10 ml test tube
b) a 50 ml flask
c) a graduated 50 ml beaker
d) a graduated pipet

A ruler placed between one student\'s fingers and thumb is released without warning. A second student catches the ruler. The distance the ruler falls is recorded.
a) This experiment is designed to determine the effects of stress on the 1st student\'s heart rate.
b) This experiment is designed to determinne force applied on a falling mass.
c) This experiment is designed to determine the second student\'s reaction time to a stimulus.
d) This experiment is designed to determine acceleration fo the ruler during its fall.

Which set of equipment would be best to use to test the effect of temperature on solution acidity?
a) A balance and a thermometer
b) A thermometer and a pH meter
c) A balance and litmus paper
d) A pH meter and a barometer

When performing a lab activity about examining owl pellets, students must remember to ---
a) label the equipment used
b) disinfect the fur and feathers removed from the pellet
c) sterilize the dissecting needle before use
d) keep hands away from face and mouth

Elodea, a simple water plant, is placed in strong light. A space gradually appeared above the water in a graduated cylinder containing the plant. The gas in the space above was..
a) oxygen
b) nitrogen
c) hydrogen
d) carbon dioxide

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