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Who was in love with Narcissus (Besides himself)
a) Aphrodite
b) Echo
c) Pandora
d) Apollo

In what level of the Greek Underworld are people punished
a) Tartarus
b) The Elysian Fields
c) Hel
d) Hades

How was Actaeon punished when he accidentally stumbled on Artemis bathing?
a) He was turned into a flower by the river
b) Artemis' father Zeus struck him down with lightning
c) He was turned into a deer and torn apart by his hunting dogs
d) He was struck blind and forced to beg for the rest of his life.

What was Ariachne skilled at?
a) Painting
b) Etching
c) Weaving
d) Sculpting

Why was Ariachne turned into a spider?
a) She was trying to do too many things that were the job of gods, so Hera gave her 8 arms.
b) She said something poisonous to Artemis, so she gave her venomous fangs.
c) She beat Athena at a weaving competition, so they made her spin silk.
d) She was bitten by a radioactive arachnid on a school field trip.

What did Ariachne's picture show?
a) Athena losing a contest to Poseidon
b) The earth being flooded
c) Aphrodite cheating on the god Hephaestus
d) Male gods mistreating women.

Why did Dionysus punish a king?
a) The king's wife joined Dionysus' traveling party, and the king attacked him.
b) The king outlawed drinking alcohol
c) The king was vain and thought he was wiser than the gods.
d) Dionysus was drunk and thought the king was annoying and too loud.

How did Athena punish her priestess after Poseidon took her chastity
a) Athena changed her into the Medusa
b) Athena turned her into a spider
c) Athena made the woman lose her intelligence, and she became as simple as a child.
d) The priestess had to complete 12 labors.

How did Dionysus punish a king
a) The king was turned into a swine
b) The king thought his family were attacking vines and he cut them down
c) The king was put in a hot lake, with grapes hanging overhead just out of his reach
d) Wine tasted like vinegar for the rest of the king's life.

What was the punishment of the king Sisyphus in the Greek Underworld?
a) He had to push a rock up a hill. and start over when it rolled down the other side.
b) He was turned into a twisted tree in the middle of a wailing forest
c) He was thirsty and had to stare at grapes that were hanging from a branch
d) He was forced to conjugate verbs and study comma useage

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